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Current version is v1.1a

WARNING: Anaksha Dark Angel is a flash-based sniper game containing graphic violence and explicit cutscenes! This game is only for players aged 18+.
Please note: You are strongly advised against playing this game on a slow computer, a netbook or a mobile device as you may experience performance issues.

The city's most loved vigilante is now their most hated enemy!

Follow Anaksha (the world's first East-Indian female video game protagonist) in her most epic story yet. This beautifully illustrated crime-noir thriller spans over two and a half hours of cinematics (a world's first for a flash game) and is accompanied by a powerful, Hollywood-style soundtrack composed by film industry professionals.
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WARNING: Game contains explicit content!

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WARNING: Game contains explicit content!

Although the game is 100% free, any tips and donations are most welcome and will be accepted with gratitude.

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